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Automated business

Automated business

When running your own business, it is worth paying attention to the ever faster technological progress of the world. Improving the company's operations may bring surprising results, and thus will allow us to come out in front of a thousand companies.

Automation is the way to success

One of the main elements that will enable us to achieve success in the e-commerce industry is the automation of all activities. Such a solution will not only provide the customer with the best and comfortable service, but also ensure safety in the workplace. Work automation is an activity undertaken by more and more companies, not only the global and huge ones, but also the local and much smaller ones. If you want to automate your business, you don't have to completely change the structure of work and services. Introduced systematically and sequentially, upgrades will certainly bring the same effect, and additionally will allow you to save some money. The funds saved from one automated operation can be used for another convenience, which, like the former one, will result in an avalanche of savings.

ERP system vs WMS system

The most popular work automation systems in the e-commerce industry are those related to storing and completing packages. They are more closely known as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and WMS (Warehouse Management System). In case of the former, we decide on a more extensive system aimed at the overall management of the enterprise, while the latter is responsible for controlling the situation in halls and warehouses. The ERP system will allow us to have constant access to information such as: how much inventory is left, where the supplies are, what the financial situation is etc. All that is to help in deciding to order production or other activities. The other of the popular WMS systems will provide information necessary to locate products in the warehouse or it  will control the delivery against the order.

Automation and Robotics

An increasingly common method of automation in many companies is the use of drones or the use of robots that replace human work. This activity is directly related to the ever faster technological progress, which enables the creation of a robot responsible for all types of work that would require large human resources.

Merkandi wholesale trading platform

Merkandi wholesale trading platform

Merkandi is an international wholesale trading platform for regular products as well as liquidation stocks, overstocks, excess stocks, bankrupt stocks, customer returns and all other wholesale goods.

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