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Setting up a boutique - where to get the goods from?

Setting up a boutique - where to get the goods from?

Setting up a business is probably a dream of every other person. Nevertheless, many people are unaware of the responsibilities of the business owner. This article is to become a small compendium of knowledge about starting your own clothing business.

When creating your own company, all documents and legal aspects are of course extremely important, which determine the creation of the desired company. In addition, choosing the location for the premises is an issue that cannot be settled by a quick decision, but rather it needs to be well-thought-out, because it will be the place where all clothing goods that we intend to trade will have to be located.

Where to get clothes for sale in a boutique? What goods to buy?

The future owners of clothing stores and small boutiques are inundated with these questions. The answer is simple, but not so obvious to everyone. There are many ways to source top value clothing, but we will refer only to the best one.

Stationary and online wholesalers

The best way to obtain an assortment of clothing is to visit stationary wholesalers or browse the websites of online wholesalers in search of the desired goods. This option at the very beginning allows us to obtain wholesale and long-term goods. It is extremely important to define the target group for which the goods will be obtained.

Imported clothing

Sourcing clothes from abroad is very popular, as the western and eastern markets are opening up more and more, offering opportunities to obtain a good-quality assortment.

The United States - where to buy wholesale clothing from hard-to-reach producers such as GAP, Banana Republic or American Eagle? If you want to import clothing from the USA, you need an appropriate licence, which will confirm that the manufacturer will not be harmed. Obtaining it is not an easy matter; an alternative is to open an outlet with clothes from the USA, but for this solution we also need the consent of the producer, and not everyone wants to appear on the Eastern market. In addition to the licence, we are subject to 2% duty and 23% VAT.

India - the popularity of Asian culture and style has been growing recently, which makes it possible to profit from the Asian assortment. Importing clothing from India is interesting because, like the Chinese assortment, Indian clothing is cheap and profitable to import. In addition, it is a very saleable product; fascination with original colours and unique design is sold in the country both in terms of clothing, footwear, as well as furniture and interior design.

European Union - importing clothing from abroad is one of the most popular ways to supply boutiques and clothing stores in Europe. Accession of many countries to the European Union has created new opportunities for entrepreneurs - importing clothes and shoes from EU countries does not require special permits and, most importantly, they are not subject to customs duty. Moreover, the proximity to European countries enables easy and quick supply of stores and an unlimited choice of goods.


Of course, the wide sales market offered by China or India and the tempting prices of individual assortments constitute a real competition for the European market, but it all depends on the entrepreneur. The size of the imported goods, cooperation and the variety of the assortment will have the final impact on the choice of the supplier and the final assortment with which we will start trade.

The above issues require further clarification: whether we will undertake cooperation with a foreign producer ourselves, or whether we will entrust it to people who deal with this type of activity on a daily basis. It is worth getting acquainted with the business world and finding the right importers who will take care of importing the assortment from a given country, as they will take over all obligations that would be imposed on us: documentation, permits, appropriate transport, etc.

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