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Seller's terms and conditions on Merkandi

The possibility of selling on Merkandi is undoubtedly associated with many benefits, but also with the obligation to comply with certain rules. Each seller must accept and abide by these Terms and Conditions prior to publishing the first offer on the platform.

Conditions for activation of the selling features

Selling options activation conditions

The seller must provide documents enabling verification of their business activity, including the current company status, address, etc. Documents enabling such verification are:

  • A document confirming registration of a business

  • Bank statement

  • Utility bills

  • Purchase/sales invoices

  • Other documents that will allow us to effectively verify the credibility of the seller and exclude the possibility of impersonating other people or companies.


The above documents must meet certain requirements:

  • Documents must be issued for the company, not for a private person (excluding sole proprietorships)

  • Bank statements, utility bills or invoices must be no more than 3 months old

  • The documents must be issued for the company whose verification is performed. Documents issued for third parties, regardless of their connection, will not be accepted. 


Verification documents are assigned to the Customer's account, and are available both to them and the Merkandi team throughout the account's validity period. Merkandi guarantees that the documents sent will be used only for verification purposes and that they will not be passed on to third parties. A request from the seller to remove the verification documents from an active account means simultaneous deactivation of the sale option.


WARNING! Each sent document that Merkandi will verify as manipulated or forged will be immediately reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities.


Selling features

The selling option is only available if you have a PREMIUM account, and it is not an integral part of the account. This means that any user of such an account may apply for the activation of the selling features. Nevertheless, please note that:

  • The validity period of the selling option is closely related to the validity period of the User's account

  • Merkandi reserves the right to additionally and periodically verify the seller's activity at any time without giving any reason. Verification is also performed again when the account is renewed for another year.


Suspension of selling option and wholesalers blacklist

If the buyer(s) report a problem with the wholesaler (no contact with the seller, no shipment of the goods, suspected sale of counterfeit products or other disturbing signs of the seller's activity), Merkandi reserves the right to temporarily suspend (until clarification) the selling option. The suspension is tantamount to deactivating the selling features in the user's account, removing the seller from the list of wholesalers and deactivating all offers and other additional information about the seller.


In cases confirmed by court and police report, Merkandi reserves the right to blacklist the wholesaler and provide a description of the event. The seller may apply for removal from the blacklist provided that the case is proven to be resolved and/or non-compliance with the actual incident is proved, or after the Buyers' claims are revoked.


Suspension of the selling option or even complete blocking of the account may also occur when the seller offers their products by sending messages with their offer to other wholesalers. All goods sold must be offered in the form of a wholesale offer on Merkandi, and the sale must take place through the buyer's contact with the seller.


Comments and opinions in the seller's profile

Comments and opinions in the seller's profile

Each buyer has the option of publishing an opinion about the seller. The wholesalers cannot manage reviews. More details on the operation of our feedback system, the possibility of cancelling comments and other additional information can be found here:



Additional verification

The goods sold on Merkandi are subject to additional verification if Merkandi deems it appropriate. In particular, additional verification will be carried out in case of:

  • Goods of popular brands

  • Goods that are difficult to obtain and/or whose any element (price, description, photos, etc.) raises Merkandi's doubts


In the event of additional verification of goods, the offers may be blocked until the verification is completed. In order to perform additional verification of goods, Merkandi may require the seller to provide one or more of the following documents:

  • Purchase invoice for the given goods

  • Distribution agreement with the supplier

  • Certificate of conformity with the original

  • Other documents confirming the authenticity of the goods and/or their physical possession


In the event of failure to deliver the above documents, Merkandi retains the right to leave the offers blocked on the platform without the possibility of unblocking them.


Publication of offers

Each published offer must meet the Rules for Listing Sales Offers specified in the FAQ:



Merkandi reserves the right to:

  • Translation of offers into other languages ​​in case the offer has not been yet translated into those languages 

  • Moderation of offers, including changing the content so that it better describes the goods offered for sale, improving the quality of translations, editing offers to improve their visibility in search results.

  • Promotion of selected offers that Merkandi finds interesting for users 

  • Sending notifications about new offers in the form of a newsletter and e-mail or phone notifications about new offers in saved search results

  • Posting users' offers elsewhere, including social media, classifieds websites, etc.


The above activities are aimed at improving sales results of Merkandi sellers, and are performed free of charge. These actions are not guaranteed and cannot be requested by the user.


Merkandi retains the right to remove, stop publication and block offers that do not meet the rules for adding offers.


Seller/offer details

Activation of the selling option entails your consent to:

  • Publishing all information contained in the profile in public form

  • Publishing offers on the home page, publicly available to all visitors of the Merkandi platform (excluding offers contained in the Exclusive Zone)

  • Forwarding all corporate data to institutions/companies/copyright owners who report a copyright infringement and/or the possibility of committing a crime by selling counterfeit goods.


Other obligations entailed by activation of the selling features 

  • Each seller is obliged to respond to inquiries sent by other users. In the event that the response rate to unread messages drops below 80%, Merkandi reserves the right to disable the selling option in the user's dashboard.

  • In the absence of any active and/or archived listings posted in the last 60 days, the seller's option may be temporarily disabled in the seller's account. This is a user account security measure.

Claims and Complaints


  • The inability to activate the selling option, regardless of the reason, does not constitute the basis for a refund of the subscription fee, excluding point 6 § 2 of the General Terms and Conditions accepted during registration.

  • Merkandi reserves the right to refuse the activation of the selling option or its deactivation/suspension if it is active, at any time and without giving any reason.

  • Merkandi will not in any way compensate for the time spent on collecting documentation, the effects of not activating/deactivating the selling option or removing/blocking/moderating/promoting/translating offers into another language. Any claims in this respect are excluded.

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